Reacher Season 2: Alan Ritchson Is Back As Jack Reacher

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Alan Richson will return as Jack Reacher for Season 2 of the series (Photo Credit – Still from Reacher)

The second season of the hit OTT series ‘Reacher’ has kicked off its casting, with Alan Richson returning in the lead role of Jack Reacher.

Reacher’s casting was announced Thursday for a second season that includes series regulars Serinda Swann, Ferdinand Kingsley, Alan Richson with Rory Cochrane, and guest star Dominic Lombardozzi.

Serinda Swann has been cast as Carla Dixon in Reacher Season 2. Dixon, who served with Reacher in the Army’s special investigators unit, is a highly intelligent private investigator who has no problem keeping himself in battle against men much older than him. ,

Ferdinand Kingsley cast as AM is what Homeland Security calls a “ghost” because he operates under many aliases and can pass to any nationality.

Rory Cochran will play Shane Langston. He is a former NYPD detective with a questionable track record who is now chief of security for a private defense contractor.

Dominic Lombardozzi is cast as Guy Russo – a tough NYPD detective investigating a case that involves several of Reacher’s former army mates.

Ty Victor Olsson has been cast as Saropian. A ruthless professional hitman accused of stalking members of Reacher’s old elite military squad.

Josh Blacker has been cast as Hortense Fields. In the Army, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Reachers oversees the Elite 110th – Special Investigator Unit.

El Sapienza is taken as a marsh. He is a formidable lieutenant with the NYPD.

Rounding out the team of Reacher’s former Special Investigator Task Force are Luke Bilyk as Calvin Franz, Dean Mackenzie as Stan Lowery, Edson Morales as Manuel Orozco, Andrés Colantes as Jorge Sánchez, and Shannon Cook- Chun as Tony Swann.

The second season, which is based on the 11th book in Lee Child’s best-selling series, Bad Luck and Trouble, begins when members of Reacher’s old military unit begin to die. Reacher has only one thing on his mind, revenge.

Produced by Amazon Studios, Skydance Television and Paramount Television Studios, Season 2 of “Reacher” will soon be available to stream on Prime Video.

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