Richa Chadha Launches Special Programme For Women Gaffers Ahead Of Their Upcoming Film ‘Girls Will Be Girls’

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Giving back to the community: Richa Chadha launches special program for women gaffars (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Richa Chadha never leaves any chance to be in the limelight. The actress never shied away from voicing her opinion for whatever happens around her. Richa was in the news recently when she criticized the deodorant brand for issuing a distasteful advertisement.

Actress Richa Chadha has collaborated with producer-director Shuchi Talati to set up an incubation program for women hoping to work as gaffers in the film industry through a program called ‘Undercurrent Lab’. The special program was launched on Monday, aimed at introducing more female gaffers. Hindi movies,

In its first year, Richa Chadha’s ‘Undercurrent Lab’ will focus on training 10 women (selected through an interview process) in lighting for cinema. It will begin with a first of its kind, hands-on workshop where trainees will learn the art from industry gaffers and cinematographers.

After a week-long crash course, the girls will be sent to the field to work as apprentices on film sets. Two out of 10 girls will be placed in the almost all-female crew on Richa Ali FazaliThe shooting of the first production of ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ begins in October.

Commenting on the occasion, Richa said in a statement, “When we formed a women’s team, we found that there are almost no women working in the lighting department in Hindi films. Hence our colleague Tanya Negi for this workshop. Came up with the idea.

“We are starting this training program for women which aims to increase the participation of women behind the camera. I am hopeful that this initiative will make a big difference in the way things work in this industry.”

The special event is a joint partnership between Women in Film and Television Association, India (WIFT) and one of the largest lighting and grip equipment providers in Bollywood ‘Light n Light’.

Shuchi Talati said, “We applied for a grant to Berlinale Talent Footprints in February this year to set up this lab and won! The ‘Undercurrent Lab’ helps 10 of our candidates to build a solid career in the lighting department in the film industry. who have been selected after a careful series of interviews. We are grateful to the people of Erie, Berlinale, Light and Light and Gratitude House for coming on board to help us.

The ‘Undercurrent Lab’ will run from June 13 to June 18.

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