Ricki Lake Launches Podcast As Part Of Expanded Lemonada Media Slate

Unique: Ricky LakeHosting her first daytime talk show at the age of 24, she is launching her own podcast.

done with the lake lemonade media to launch Picked up by Ricky. The series is part podcast and part cultural re-examination of her show. It will dive into Ricky’s life, finding out how she came to host the talk show of her own name at such a young age.

spray star launch Ricky Lake through syndication in 1993 and it ran until 2004. Later he launched Ricky Lake Show, Which lasted for one season in 2012.

The podcast, which is slated for a 2022 launch, will feature exclusive licensed audio and will see Lake looking back on the series. He is set to co-host it with a Gen Z comedian.

picked up by ricky Lemonda is one of several shows on Media’s expanded slate of shows. It comes after the company, which was founded by Stephanie Vitels Wachs and Jessica Cordova Kramer, earlier this year raised $8M in funding from the likes of Bertelsmann’s subsidiaries BDMI, Madison Wells and Greycroft.

The podcast network expects to have more than 30 original series in 2022.

These will also include burn outHosted by author, artist and activist Conor Franta, v interesting Hosted by Vitus Speer, LA Times contributor and Under the Desk news producer; and an as-yet-untitled series on the upcoming 988 hotline, hosted by mental health advocate and son of the late Robin Williams, Zak Williams.

“I am thrilled to partner with Lemonda Media,” Lake said. “I am such a fan of the content he has already produced. I am so excited to go back in time and revisit my old shows for a different time with a different lens. It’s going to be fun, cathartic, historic, nostalgic and I can’t wait to start it.”

,Ricky Lake Show We all picked up. It also tackled great big cultural issues that no one was tackling at the time, and it’s fascinating to revisit its episodes through today’s cultural lens. Part rewatch, part cultural deep dive, the show will be an absolute joy ride while helping us process Ricky’s role in shaping the culture of then and now,” said Chief Creative Officer Stephanie Wittels Watches.

“We wanted to tap into the zeitgeist of ’90s processing, but we wanted to do it with Ricky. He literally raised us after school, and explained how we see the world. We’re lucky to have this podcast series. together,” said CEO Jessica Cordova Kramer.