Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Are Married? Fans Are Convinced Their 2023 MET Gala Look Revealed: “Is This A Clue That They Are Already…”

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Are Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Married? Fans Are Convinced Their 2023 Met Gala Look Has Been Revealed: “Is This A Clue They’re Already Married” (Picture Credit: Instagram)

The 2023 Met Gala – which was held on Monday, May 1 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – is still the talk of the town. While the event is being discussed about who wore what and how amazing they looked, it’s also making headlines for the late but flashy arrivals of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.

A heavily pregnant Rihanna dressed in white and A$AP in a Scottish kilt has fans’ minds working overtime as many are convinced the pair are married. While some believe that they have got married, others feel that they have got married right under the nose of their fans while some feel that it is giving them a foreshadowing of what is about to happen soon. Is. Read fans’ reactions below!

But before we react, here’s what Rihanna and A$AP Rocky wore to the 2023 Met Gala. Riri looked breathtakingly beautiful in a white Valentino ensemble with a floral cape and dramatic train and accessorized with $25 million worth of Cartier jewelry. A$AP was wearing a Gucci suit jacket with shimmery jeans and a lehenga that was cinched in with multiple belts.

Assuming the two are married, one tweeted, “#MetGala I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think this is a sign for Rihanna and her wedding ASAP. She’s late she The last one to come and she’s in a wedding dress.” Added another, “Are @rihanna and #asaprocky’s #metgala2023 The outfit foreshadowing their upcoming wedding? Or is this a clue that they are already married?🤔🤔”

A third said, “Rihanna and was making statements ASAP. They’re either already married or it’s happening within the next 2 weeks or 2 months. Convince me otherwise. ASAP Rocky and Rihanna just got married.” – Just got married right under our nose SIJONGILE NOKHO!!” Another added, “Rihanna just told us she is married/getting married.”

While many were convinced they were married, one wrote, “I truly love their love. I’m glad Rihanna is getting everything she wanted. I can’t wait until they get married.” Let’s not get married 🩵” Another added, “SB… my psychic senses are telling me Rihanna is going to get married soon 🔮👀”

While these fans are convinced that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky He is married, let us make it clear – there was no bond of marriage visible on his fingers.

Do you think both are married? Tell us in the comments.

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