Rival Docuseries In The Works At Netflix About Drug Kingpin Owen Hanson

Specific: we told you earlier this week that Mark Wahlberg and his unrealistic thoughts are in early development on a documentary from a USC football player about a drug kingpin Owen Hanson Those who were arrested by the FBI in 2015 and sentenced in 2017 for operating a drug empire spanning the US, Latin America and Australia.

Netflix is ​​also working with the Fed on a documentary that took him down. Former Netflix documentary contractor John Turner (now head of the Imax Docs division) is behind it, with Greg Whiteley. We hear that his documentary focuses on the Phantom Secure Phone that was involved in capturing Hanson.

Hanson began dealing recreational drugs and steroids to teammates in college in the early 2000s, eventually building a violent empire. He was sentenced to more than 21 years in federal prison, Hanson was ordered to pay a $5M criminal forfeiture, including gold coins, luxury vehicles, jewelry, vacation homes, a sailboat and interests in several businesses. $100K included.

The linchpin for the Fed to catch Hanson was professional gambler RJ Cipriani aka Robin Hood 702. Hanson gave her $2.5M to gamble and return as casino checks. But Cipriani lost it on sticks. In return, Hanson threatened to kill Cipriani, sending her pictures of his dead mother’s mutilated headstone, pictures of his wife and her personal information, and a video of the beheading.

The Phantom Secure was the phone that Vincent Ramos designed and sold to criminals around the world. Hanson purchased several of these phones and mistakenly gave them to an FBI undercover who was investigating Cipriani’s case as he went to the FBI to uncover this drug syndicate. The Fed then had a good idea to put in its own encrypted phone and it was called ANOM.

It is our understanding that Cipriani refused to be a part of the documentaries which he believed were his story.

Netflix was not available for comment.