Roku Documentary ‘Mamas’, With Connie Britton, Zoë Saldaña Narration, Set For Mother’s Day,

The mothers of the animal kingdom are in the limelight a stop The original documentary series that kicks off Friday, May 6, just before Mother’s Day.

The Nature series follows the mighty parents of the animal kingdom, uncovering the universality of motherhood, and exploring what a mother of any species would do to protect her young. mothers It will consist of 14 short-form episodes of 6-8 minutes in length.

The series is available in English and Spanish, the English version is voiced by Connie Britton; Spanish by Zoë Saldaa.

The series is produced by Plimsol Productions, Deep Blue Productions and Cinestar Pictures, with Britton, Saldana, Martha Holmes, Andrew Jackson, Alice Cleats, Mariel Saldana and Sisley Saldana serving as executive producers.

Species featured in the series include potter wasps, grizzly bears, hummingbirds, yellow baboons, cheetahs, lions, wildebeest, black-backed jackals, strawberry dart frogs, praying mantises, African elephants, hyenas, meerkats, tok macaques and tomson’s gazelles. Are included. The series includes scenes and landscapes ranging from the jungles of Sri Lanka to the deserts of Africa.

,mothers Dive into the enchanting and challenging lives of mothers in the wild, and the powerful relationships these animals have with their babies,” said Brian Tienbaum, head of alternative origins at Roku. “Connie Britton and Zoe Saldana take us through the captivating world of a mother’s protective instincts and loyalty to her children. This is a truly must-see documentary series that The Roku Channel is excited to share with its viewers .