Rome’s MIA Announces 12% Rise In Accreditations As International Audiovisual Market Gears Up For Return To Full Strength

ItalyThe international audiovisual market of MIA is expecting a comeback in full force ahead of its eighth edition this year Rome October 11 to October 15

Speaking at a preview press conference on Thursday, director Gaia Trident said the meeting had registered a 12% increase in attendance this year, with accreditation still open, though she did not give exact figures.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, MIA welcomed 2,500 attendees in 2019, compared to 2,000 registered attendees in 2021 when travel was still restricted.

This year’s inaugural edition marks tridente Who was earlier the scripting head in MIA.

Based in Rome’s historic Barberini Palace and the newly renovated Barberini Cinema nearby, the event spans a traditional market, co-production meetings, and a convention.

Expected guests include Marco Bassetti, CEO of Banijay, Netflix EMEA TV Boss Larry Tanz, President of Lionsgate TV Group Sandra Stern and Fremantle COO and Continental Europe CEO Andrea Scrosati, as well as American film finance and sales vets Maren Olsson and Cecil Gaget, who were most recently in the industry appointed As the head of film at Studio Wild Bunch.

Gadget will be joined by TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey, French sales giant Carole Baratone Italian distributor in Chardes, Paris Andrea Ochipinti at Lucky Raid, Netherlands distributor Mark Smit at CineArt and Susan Wendt at Trustnordisk, in a discussion on the landscape for film distribution

Further conference highlights include the panel “Co-Producing Today: Future-Proofing Creative Models in the Independent Film Business”, featuring Italian producer Carlo Cresto-Dina in Tempesta Film, French film financier and producer Frederic Fiore, of Logical Pictures, Speakers include 30West’s Olson. , Casey Sunderland of CAA Media Finance and Julie Wiesz, French producer of Paris-based Cinenovo.

As for the drama, Wild Sheep Content CEO Eric Barmack, Legendary Global Partner Anne Thomopoulos, Upgrade Productions co-head Matt Brodley and StudioCanal TV series Managing Director Francois Guyon presented local and globalized content in a panel titled “The Global Production Landscape”. Will see the development. Time to stop saying “foreign language”.

Sky Studios will also headline an event titled “Europe’s Premium Storyteller: Inside Sky Studios”, in which Sky Studios Vice President of Deutschland Tobias Rosen, Director of Original Play, UK and Ireland Meghan Livers and Director of Scripted Italian Sonia Rowei will talk . About its core programming arm across Europe and how it is responding to changing audience behavior and increased competition.

Other company-focused events include “Tubi and the Rise of AVOD” in which Chief Content Officer Adam Levinson, Chief Content Officer, and VP Content Acquisition and Partnerships Sam Harowitzt share insights into the Tubi platform’s original content strategy and co-production opportunities. will do.