‘RRR’ Roars With $60M+ WW Debut; ‘The Batman’ Rises To $673M Global; ‘Lost City’ Finds Strong Early Start – International Box Office Update

tuesday update, writethrough, Later setting a new opening day record for a local title in India SS Rajamouli on Friday RRR ,Growth! thunder! Rebellion!) continued strong performance in the domestic market throughout the weekend and raised an estimated $60M+ globally. Of that, $16M is from outside India (including $9.5M in North America).

Getting reliable numbers from India is challenging – there is no centralized reporting system, and it becomes even more ornate when a film is released in several different language versions. However, as we reported on Sunday, estimates are around $46M (348 million) for the weekend, just behind Rajamouli’s previous record-setter, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, Globally, comScore is reporting $63.2 million Weekends in 21 markets (including North America and India). In some estimates it has a worldwide gross on either side.

anyhow, RRR This weekend was the number 1 film worldwide. The Telugu film also had the second best opening weekend for an Indian title in North America (again behind bahubali 2, RRR The film also topped that on its opening day in India to set a new all-time record. In imaxThe global take for the second largest IMAX opening for an Indian photo worldwide and locally was $1.5M (including $410K in India).


Among other new openers, Paramount’s the Lost City Launched in only 16 smaller markets, accounting for 7% of the international footprint. $3.7M There’s more than 50% tracking for Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum’s romcom adventure on a similar basis in the same markets Jungle Cruise49% ahead free guy38% more central intelligence and up 23% Detective,

Middle East Led the field on $2M from 238 locations. also had a No. 1 debut in Indonesia (from $490K/382), Israel ($265k/34) and Romania ($220K / 76). Major overseas markets that begin in mid-April include Spain, Australia/New Zealand and the UK, followed a week later by France, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Korea.

In holdover, Warner Bros./DC’s Batman couple $25.3 million from 76 international markets during the session. Another big catch is -49%, with Spain down just 26%, Australia 31% and Brazil down 40%. IMAX crossed $50M globally with Capped Crusader, which is now $52.7M, including $21.2M from offshore.

Alien on a Journey to Gotham directed by Matt Reeves $340.9M For $672.8M Whole world. UK continues to lead all-games at $47.3 million, followed by Mexico ($28M), Australia ($24.1 million), France ($22M) and Brazil ($20.2 million). In Chinawhere Batman Bending last weekend, during a Covid spike that forced the closure of nearly half of the country’s cinemas, the total now stands at $17.8M.

In China This weekend, and for the first time in a long time, three Hollywood movies headed to the frame. Batman Dropped to No. 2 as Roland Emmerich moonfall 1 there and took in an estimated RMB 61.8M ($9.7M). done after Batmanand Sony’s unsolved With $13.6M to date. (China is still dealing with the escalation of Covid and Pudong is now under lockdown from Monday until April 1.)

unsolvedFor its part, an additional mapped $7.7M This frame in 55 offshore markets. international co is now $223.9M For $357.5 million Global. The performance is led by UK ($31.3M), France $(18.8M), Russia ($17.2M), China ($13.6 million) and Germany ($12.9 million).


Universal’s Michael Bay crime drama, following last weekend’s early offshore rollout patient vehicle couple $6.6M In 58 markets this session. offshore is low $12.6M Ahead of the domestic release on April 8. Holdovers saw a drop of 49%, while new openers including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan were in line. Manu’s anger, It had its best debut in the Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer France 434 places during the frame with $972K and ranking No. 2 behind Batman, This was followed by a premiere event with talent at the Champs-Elysees last Sunday. The top markets to date are Saudi Arab ($2.1M), Mexico ($1.7M), France ($974K), United Arab Emirates ($769k) and UK ($686K). Korea, Australia, Spain and China are yet to be released.


Universal/DreamWorks Animation the bad guys Its holdover markets saw a fall of just 30% after the initial overseas release of the previous session. overall the weekend was good $6.5M In 37 markets for an offshore cume of $16.8M, It’s time for Easter break to head out early on the adventure comedy directed by Pierre Péripel Spain Leading the charge. The film was again number 1 in the market, over Batman, and has now earned $3.4M, down 22% from the open. The top 5 markets so far are rounded out by Mexico ($3.2 million), Germany ($1.7M), Brazil ($1.2M) and Argentina ($722K). Next are Italy, Australia, UK, France, China and Korea. Household goes on April 22nd.

This week, Sony morbius sinks its teeth in much of the world, starting on Wednesday in France and Korea.

Miscellaneous Update Quantity/Notable

sing 2

sing 2 (UNI): $3.6M international weekend (68 markets); $227M International Qum/$387.3M Global
jujutsu caisson 0 (SNY): $3.1M international weekend (12 markets); $4.4M Sony Offshore Qum
turning red (DIS): $1.7M international weekend (12 markets); $11.1M International Qume
Belfast (UNI): $1.3M International Weekend (49 markets); $35.6M international qom / $45M global
Spider-Man: No Way Home (SNY): $1M international weekend (58 markets); $1.008B international qom/$1.888B global
jacks forever: $585K International Weekend (20 markets); $21.5M intl less / $79.2M