‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Jujubee To Host Dating Game Show Podcast For Wondery & Rococo Punch

particular: Podcasts are evolving.

Jujubione of the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Racehosting the dating game show podcast Queen of Hearts For Dr. Death the creator wonderry And Finding Rafi Producer Rococo Punch.

Jujubi will star as a winged woman as she guides a real-life single through a sexy game-filled quest for love. Building on a tendency to find new ways to connect, eager daters play to win over a lover’s heart using just their voice.

The actors lead a diverse group of contestants through a series of fun games as they get to know each other, laugh together, and perhaps “like” each other. Most importantly, contestants are just heard, not seen – there’s no swiping, profile curation, filters, or cat-phishing to distract from the authentic connection generated by pure conversation. Through a series of original dating games such as The Bone Zone, a sex quiz that asks very personal questions or calls it sexy, which leads contestants to “Where are the paper towels?” Challenges you to make up a simple phrase like. Sonic title, BachelorX will decide whether they’ll choose to venture beyond Mike and meet in real life for a date — courtesy of Jujubi.

The ten-part series will launch on Amazon Music and Wonder+ on June 14, before launching on all other podcast platforms on June 21.

The series is co-produced by Wondery and Rococo Punch and produced by Wonderry’s Lauren Dee and Morgan Jones and Rococo Punch’s John Perotti and Jessica Alpert.

“We all know dating can be a serious drag,” Jujubi said. “Why not use some of my great skills—a killer host, fearless wing lady, and all-around comedy queen—to help some poor souls on their way to romantic enlightenment? I think we’ve crafted something like Which viewers have never experienced before and it will open their ears and hearts to how wonderful and unique other human beings can be. We are giving new meaning to the word ‘hot mic’ and I am sexy for everyone in its first season So excited to hear the silly fun. Queen of Hearts.”