Russia-Ukraine War: Hollywood Filmmaker OliverStone Takes A Jibe On ‘Putin’s Aggression In Ukraine’ – Deets Inside

Oliver Stone criticized ‘Putin’s aggression in Ukraine’ (Photo Credits – Wikipedia)

Filmmaker Oliver Stone, known for taking contradictory stands both onscreen and off, has criticized “Putin’s aggression in Ukraine”, after previously saying there was “no evidence” to invade Russia. was intended.

the stone is gone Russia and interviewed its president for a documentary called ‘The Putin Interview’ that aired on Showtime in 2017. Now, Putin and Russia are driving a 24-hour news cycle, with the director offering his perspective on his Facebook page and in interviews, reports

Earlier last month, Stone told KCRW’s Robert Scheer: “America and its allies” nato For two years we have been provoking Russia – actually three years – on Ukraine.”

In the same interview, the director condemned the “bloodthirsty” media coverage, saying, “They have no evidence that Russia intends to invade Ukraine; I doubt they will. I think Russia’s The connection is only to the Donbass region.”

After the invasion, Stone, who had also criticized the media for using the word “invasion” to characterize Russia’s plans, came around.

“Although America has waged many wars of aggression on its conscience, this does not justify Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. A dozen mistakes do not make right. Invading Russia was wrong.”

Stone, who served in the Vietnam War, has long produced films critical of American politicians (W., JFK and Nixon), the media (Natural Born Killers, talk radio) and American interference abroad (Platoon, Born the Fourth of July).

He has also produced a string of documentaries featuring controversial world leaders such as PutinFidel Castro and Lula da Silva.

Taking a plot point from one of his more popular films, Stone argued: “The time has come, as in October 1962, JFK and Khrushchev confront the dangerous situation in Cuba, for the two nuclear powers to push it through the abyss. to walk back.”

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