Sacha Baron Cohen Again Beats Roy Moore’s $95M ‘Who Is America?’ Defamation Suit; Satirist Wins Appeal – Update

Update, 8:48 am: A year after a federal judge met for the first time Sacha Baron Cohenfavor of, Who is America? The host eventually wins a nearly absurd $95 million defamation battle Roy Moore,

In a vote made unanimously public this morning, a trio of judges from the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld US District Court Judge John P. Cronan’s July 2021 decision. With the acclaimed satirist against the unsuccessful Alabama Senate candidate Moore, the Court of Appeals declared that Who is America? “It was clearly a comedy and no reasonable audience would conclude otherwise” (read it here,

“After nearly four years of litigation, it looks like Mr. Moore’s frivolous trial is finally over,” Russell Smith, Baron Cohen’s attorney, told Deadline today.

Previous exclusive, July 13, 2021: It looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is getting the last laugh at failed Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore. after almost three years legal battle among the experts Who is America? Frontman and scandal-hit Moore, a federal judge on Tuesday put Kibosh on the latter’s $95 million defamation lawsuit.

U.S. District Court Judge John P. said, “The defendants have moved for summary judgment, arguing that the plaintiffs’ claims are blocked by a waiver clause in the agreement that Judge Moore signed prior to the interview. And also by the First Amendment to the US Constitution.” Kronan in one opinion (read it here) Emmy nominations were released this morning.

After appearing in the third episode of 2018 show time Satire, a former Alabama state judicial officer announced that he had been tricked into going in front of cameras, some suing for very large sums of money.

To be specific, Moore, who faced an avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations against minors during his unsuccessful 2017 Senate bid, alleged Preliminary September 2018 filing That his signature on a release was “obtained through fraud” and therefore “void and inactive”. Moore also clarified that he was not at all pleased with the self-described pedophile detection tool that a disguised Cohen was making his way into to beep loudly in the interview.

Citing the same release that Larry Kellman-represented Moore had actually signed, borato Star disagreed with the contract interpretation. After the jurisdiction was dusted, the case moved from DC District Court to New York federal court—and that’s where it ended today, in a way.

Cronan wrote in the 26-page ruling against Moore and his co-plaintiff spouses, “The Court agrees that Judge Moore’s claims are barred by the explicit contractual language that they now bring.” Prevents many causes of actions.” “Although Kayla Moore was not a signatory to that contract, her claims are barred by the First Amendment. Accordingly, the defendant’s motion is granted in full.”

Moors has already filed paperwork saying they’ll appeal, so it may continue — or not.

However, in view of the larger context of Who is America? And in other segments with former VP Dick Cheney and others, Judge Cronan stated that “it is simply inconceivable that audiences of the program would have found a segment with Judge Moore not holding a pedophile-detecting wand on any factual basis.” Activating.” He continued: “Given the satirical nature of that section and the context in which it was presented, no reasonable audience would interpret Cohen’s conduct during the interview as factual statements relating to Judge Moore.”

Or, the day after Baron Cohen sued a cannabis company for illegal use of his image, as Borat Sagdiyev would say: “High five!”