Saeeda Imtiaz Addresses Death Controversy on Live Television for the First Time

/04/12/saeeda-imtiaz-bikini-picture/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Saeeda Imtiaz Was trending on social media a few days back as the news of his death was posted by the admin of his own Instagram page. This news was devastating for everyone as she is a young lady and people saw her happy and healthy in the pageant. It was a shock and the entire nation was mourning the loss at such a young age. Here is the announcement that was made:

After the news spread like wildfire, it turned out to be fake as Saeeda Imtiaz was alive and her Instagram account was allegedly hacked by her manager and shared that devastating post. This made everyone suspicious and a lot of talk started on social media with people doubting Saeeda Imtiaz and many still think it was a publicity stunt.

Sayeeda has now made a television appearance for the first time and has shared what went through at her home when the news broke. She said that it was very upsetting for her. She said that she is not even coming out of her room.

She revealed that people came out to her house, while many were afraid to even call as they thought she might be murdered or something. Saeeda’s siblings panicked and when they called him that it had happened, he first calmed them down.

She also said that she was trolled a lot on social media and there were people who were saying that she might have overdosed on drugs while others felt that it could be a case of a broken heart. He said that he is in shock that if something had really happened to him, people would be saying the same things behind his back. This is what Saida had to say about trolling: