SAG-AFTRA & AMPTP Reach Tentative Agreement On Exclusivity Contract Provisions

SAG-AFTRA and a coalition of motion picture and television producers has reached a tentative agreement that includes Specialty Terms – Standard provisions in TV contracts that may keep actors off the market and unable to work for long periods. The provisional agreement is subject to approval by the SAG-FTRA National Board, which will meet on Saturday, 20 August.

Specific details would not be released prior to a board review, but before a tentative agreement was reached, the union stated that “exclusivity contracts are out of date and harmful to creative artists and their families. Since 2009, series seasons have been reduced to 24 episodes. The average downtime between seasons has increased from five months to 14 months. This is a long time to be out of work and has serious financial implications for actors and their families.

“Producers have shifted their production and exhibition models into the 21st century and it is time to allow their employees to join them. Forced unemployment is immoral and abusive. Exclusivity provisions or unfair, outdated contract provisions that allow actors to be employed by employers and are unable to work for months and years at a time. Actors often lose out on other employment opportunities, even if there is no conflict with their original employer.”