SAG-AFTRA Extends $1 Billion Commercials Contracts To Allow More Time For Bargaining With Ad Industry

Their commercials contracts expire tonight, SAG-AFTRA and the advertising industry joint policy committee Have agreed to expand them on a day-to-day basis to allow negotiations to continue.

“During this time,” the union said, “all terms and conditions of the 2019 commercial contracts – all exemptions and provisions that might otherwise be sunset – have been extended. Remaining under the media blackout, the parties will continue to negotiate .

Negotiations, scheduled for February 16 in New York, include a number of contracts that generate $1 billion annually in earnings for union members.

Going into the negotiations, SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland said, “Negotiating strong contracts is the key to our success as a union and ensuring the growth of employment opportunities under our commercial contracts at SAG- AFTRA has a priority.”

SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher said at the time that she was “so impressed with the dedication and intelligence of the negotiating committee that she put together this proposal package, which really met the needs of commercial actors and pushed the needle forward.” enhances.”