Sahiba and Rambo Give Married Couples Tips For A Happy Life |

Sahiba and Rambo (Afzal Khan) are two famous media personalities. These two once ruled the Pakistani film industry through their iconic on-screen pairing and hit films. He has been working in the media industry for more than two decades. He has two beautiful sons. He is known for his successful married life." alt="Sahiba and Rambo gave tips to married couples for a happy life" width="849" height="1024" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-433539" srcset=" 849w, 768w, 370w, 270w, 570w, 740w, 1080w" sizes="(max-width: 849px) 100vw, 849px" title="Sahiba and Rambo gave tips to married couples for a happy life"/>

Recently both appeared on The Talk Talk Show in which they talked about their personal life. Both also shared tips for successful marriage Rambo said, ‘ If there is a quarrel between the couple, then it should be kept hidden. The families of the couple should not know about the quarrel because there are always people who do not solve the issues, it is very dangerous, also there are different types of people in the family, not all people are friends.

Sahiba and Rambo gave tips to married couples for a happy life

Sahiba says, “I would like to address the girls that they should not be influenced by the luxurious life of other women, never feel influenced by friends, if you like the good habits of other girls, then you should adopt those habits. Should but be impressed with the bag.” , ornaments, clothes etc. should not be done. Take a look at the video:

Talking further about getting through tough times together, Rambo said that there was a time, the stage and movies were dominated by pornographic culture and he felt ashamed to do so. He said that his wife Sahiba told him to stop doing films and yet he survived with the help of Allah. He also said that he felt embarrassed while filming some film songs and preferred to sit at home. He further added that Allah helped him financially and after four years he got morning shows and then other projects.