‘Saint X’ Crew Members Exit Over Payment Dispute, Shutting Down Production On Hulu Series

particular: being filmed Hulunew series of saint x The shutdown in the Dominican Republic on Friday saw several crew members, including key grip and power unit members, depart the set, Deadline learned.

US crew members expanded the show’s entire first unit grip and electric teams, accusing them of not being properly compensated for overtime, which caused them to stop running. saint x Produced by ABC Signature, which is part of Disney Television Studios.

A spokesperson for Disney TV Studios confirmed that several employees had been let go after “forcing them to stop filming.” The spokesman said he would be replaced with other US union members.

The set of the psychological drama remains dark (Saturday and Sunday were set as holidays); It is unclear when filming will resume, although a studio insider indicated that the goal is to restart production later this week.

We hear that the controversy stems from the amount of overtime the affected crew members get after working 12 hours a day. According to sources close to the workers, the studio was paying them 1.5 their rate until the 14-hour mark, which they claim violated several of the crew’s contracts. He reportedly asked ABC Signature to fix the issue or he left after 12 hours at work, which he finally did on Friday. It is understood that the producers tried to continue with the shoot which proved impossible, as the main film lights were switched on in the houselights and the crew members involved in the brawl picked up their equipment and left. Those technicians were later fired.

A crew source told Deadline that members of the local 600 camera team were considering whether to leave in solidarity; A representative for ABC Signature said no one else left the production.

Based on the 2020 novel of the same name by Alexis Skatkin, saint x is a psychological drama told through multiple timelines and perspectives that explores the genre of the missing girl. It’s a show about how the mysterious death of a young woman during a Caribbean vacation creates a painful ripple effect that eventually draws her surviving sister into a dangerous search for the truth. In it Josh Bonzi (politician), Jaden Elijah (out of school forever), Victoria Pedretti (The Haunting of Bailey Manor), and West Duchovny (Magician,

Leila Gerstein is writing the eight-parter while Dee Rees is directing. Stephen Williams also executive produces with Anonymous Content and DreamCrew Entertainment, as well as Scatkin.