Sajal Aly’s Brother Issued his Statement in light of Hadith on False Allegations

Sajal Ellie has a younger brother and sister. Saboor Alibecame a little sister Ali AnsariWife a year ago. His younger brother Eli Syed studies in a prestigious foreign university.

Sajal Ali’s brother Eli Syed gave a statement on the false claims citing Hadith. Sajal AliMahvish Hayat, kubra khanAnd Mahira Khan Social media has been the center of criticism in recent times. People have searched for all of them online in the last 48 hours. The problematic topic is well known.

Sajal Ellie, Mahvish Hayat, and Kubbra Khan replied. The three actors claimed that Pakistani social media users needed instruction. As the difficult topic went viral on social media, several actors came out in support of the four women. These four actresses are top in Pakistan and are the backbone of showbiz business.

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