Sanjjanaa Galrani Serves 100 Individuals Through Her Foundation On Eid, Promises To Help Needy Ones Till Her Last Breath

Sanjana Galrani pledges to serve as many people as possible till her last breath (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Actress Sanjana Galrani, for whom this year’s Eid was special, has promised to do her “little best” till her last breath to serve as many people as possible who are in genuine need.

Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a clip of her distributing carpets to the poor and needy.

Sanjana Galrani wrote: “Bakrid is not only about sacrificing a goat, but it is about distributing 50 percent of whatever you sacrifice to those who ‘need’.”

pointing to Eid Special as it was her son’s first Eid, the actress revealed that her foundation had teamed up with another organization to distribute carpets to people who didn’t even have sheets to sleep in.

Sanjana Galrani said, “…we served 100 people who are really needy and we only want everyone’s blessings, to be stronger and to serve more.

“What I’ve been taught is that the biggest Eid is not just to put on new clothes and show off yourself, but to acknowledge people in real pain and address their basic needs, at least at their best.” for small capacity.

“It hurts to see one side of the Indian economy driving around in the most luxurious cars and living in the coolest homes and the other not having shelter. Can you even imagine the plight of homeless people during monsoon and winter? How do they survive with falling temperatures with young children? Sleeping at bus stops or under bridges? Incredibly painful isn’t it? Most of the people do not even pull the windows of their cars to see such bitter truths.

“I promise to serve as many people as possible till my last breath, who are in real need. I hope my post has encouraged you too to think like this and do your bit to help the poor.

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