Sargun Mehta On First Shot With Akshay Kumar In Bollywood Debut Mission Cinderella: “I Thought I Would Collapse”

Sargun Mehta to make her Bollywood debut opposite Akshay Kumar in Mission Cinderella (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Actress Sargun Mehta, who is already known in the Punjabi film industry and was recently seen in her home production soukan sukneWho is all set to debut in Bollywood soon.

The actress will be seen in the Bollywood film Mission Cinderella, which stars Akshay Kumar.

Sargun Mehta says, “It is very important to wait for the right role, no matter where you are stepping into, especially when you are stepping into a new medium, because there is a whole new audience and they are there.”

Sargun Mehta said, “They are going to understand you and will look at you in a certain way. Even the industry has created a perception of who you are. When I was choosing this, I could not stand aside Wanted to be and not talked about. Whether good or bad, but no matter what, it’s at least something to talk about.”

Bollywood is quite different from the Punjabi film industry, the actress says, “Punjabi industry is still very raw. To be honest it is working for the industry as well. It is raw, coming as it is evolving, we Still going through its stages to find out what people like, and what audience will like.

He said, ‘Sometimes movies surprise you in a way that you didn’t even expect. There’s no definitive strategy, at least for now. People think that there is no discipline and structure in Punjabi film industry. I am a disciplined person in my life but I personally don’t think there should be much structure in the creative space. I enjoy being everywhere sometimes.”

Sargun Mehta says that she was very worried and excited too.

“I was very scared at first. I was excited because this is my first project in Bollywood and he was Akshay sir. Everything was bothering me and I can’t begin to tell you how I gave my first shot.

“I thought I would fall. It was a tough and difficult role and I was wondering how I would do it. I am really scared and I hope it will be okay,” she says.

To prepare for the role, Sargun Made sure to stop seeing the police on the screen.

“I think we have all seen the police since we were kids, be it real life, TV, movies etc. When I did this role, I made sure I wasn’t watching anything. I just feel that when you watch a lot, you imitate and caricature it. I wanted to do whatever comes naturally to me,” concluded Sargun Mehta.

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