Sarwat Gilani Opens Up About Her Nose Surgery |

Sarvat Geelani has been in the industry for many years now and has definitely carved a niche for himself with his talent and penchant for a good script. Sarvat debuted in plays and since then has given us hits not only on television but also on web and silver screen.

Sarwat Geelani has always been included in the list of actors who have done cosmetic procedures. There is nothing wrong in doing such procedures but most of the actors do not accept them. Sarwat Geelani, however, opened up about how his nose changed as people initially reminded him of looking different.

Sarwat Geelani opens up about his nose surgery

Sarvat shared that when she was young she had a very bad nose injury. She used to black out a lot and in one of those episodes she fell on the wash basin and hit her nose. He was then taken to the hospital where a surgery was performed and his nose was changed.

Sarwat Geelani opens up about his nose surgery

Hear Sarvat sharing why his nose looks different now: