‘Saturday Night Live’ Opens With Christmas Musical Salute To Getting Into The Holiday Spirit — By Blocking Out Elon Musk And Other Anxieties

saturday night live opened with a musical salute to the holiday season’s ability for people to let go of all their worries and anxieties, whether it’s a drinking problem, Twitter owner Elon Musk, or invoking Adolf Hitler in political discourse Are.

Bowen Yang, Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson get into the Christmas spirit with their extended play, It’s Christmas.

Strong: “Elon, why does he have all that stuff? Why does he have to run Tesla and Twitter? Wasn’t outer space enough?

Yang: “and Hitler? When did Hitler return? We basically all agreed years ago, Hitler should never come back.

Thompson: “And why are his new fans black?”

Chorus: “Let’s stop it all for Christmas!,

The song was a reference to Kanye West’s praise of Hitler when he was on Alex Jones’ show, but also reflects the visibility given to neo-Nazi figures recently, such as Nick Fuentes, who has criticized West and former President Donald Trump. Had dinner together.

more to come.