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    Sayani Gupta On Her Idea Of ‘Happily-Ever-After’: “It Has To Be A Partnership & That Doesn’t Come Without Quarrels Or Differences”

    Sayani Gupta opens up on her idea of ​​’happily-ever-after’: “It should be a partnership and it doesn’t come without fights or differences” (Photo Credits: Instagram/Banij, SayaniGupta)

    Actress Sayani Gupta and VJ-turned-actress Bani J, who believe that depictions of love, romance and ‘happy-ever-after’ somewhere in real life affect our minds, shared their thoughts about the same.

    When asked about her idea of ​​happiness, Bani said, “The way I live my life right now is my everlasting happiness. I have people I care about and who care about me, and we can express that love and admiration for each other. I can travel, spend time with people I really want to, create projects I care about and be part of projects that really fulfill me creatively, which I think it’s the best thing in the world. I take training whenever I want.”

    At the same time, Sayani said that she is ‘romantic’ in a relationship.

    She said, “I am quite a romantic and I would love to believe that there is someone with whom I can live happily ever after. Not that I am waiting for him, but maybe someday I will find someone. ‘Happy My view of ‘Ever After’ is that it should be a partnership, and it doesn’t come without any fights or differences or disagreements. Instead, you understand things and the relationship has enough love and humor to take it forward “

    they were both conversing as part of the chat Display The series titled ‘Dating in Days 2.0’, which is a part of the Bumble dating app.

    ‘Dating In Days 2.0’ release youtube Bumblebee channel.

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