Screen Media Acquires Psychological Thriller ‘The Good Neighbor’ Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Unique, screen media Acquired the North American rights to the psychological thriller good neighborfrom the director Stephen Rick ,the dark side of the Moon), with plans for a theatrical release of a day and date in June.

Film written by Rick and Ross Partridge (room 104) is a remake of the 2011 German thriller Unter Nachbarn, which marked Rick’s feature directorial debut. It follows a terrifying evening when neighbors David (Luke Klintank) and Robert (Jonathan Rice Meyers) hit a woman on her bike and fled. When his sister comes in search of the truth, Robert does unspeakable things to protect their secret.

Bruce Davison (X Men) Thriller, which was produced by Dean Altit, Yulia Jaiseva, Forma Pro Films and Altit Media Group. Kimberly Hines, Rami Jaber, Kia Jaime, Jeff Kranzdorf, Ross Partridge, Max Pavlov, Igor Pronin, Svetlana Punte, Cass Kandil, Stephen Rick, Patrick Rizzotti and Jim Steele served as executive producers.

“Revisiting the material, I realized that the underlying themes are more relevant than ever,” said Rick of the remake. “The film is a modern tale about masculinity in crisis and the abyss we all see once the thin veil of civilization is torn down.”

,good neighbor An entertaining psychological thrill ride,” Screen Media said in a statement. “The chemistry between stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Luke Klintank makes their ‘friend or foe’ particularly memorable.”

Screen Media, also Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment Co. Recently acquired psychological horror film monstrous, starring Christina Ricci; Thriller spotless room, starring Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth; horror movie Damned, starring Mena Suvari from Willie’s Wonderland director Kevin Lewis; Gigi Gaston’s 9 pillsStarring Lena Headey and Sam Worthington; and Philip Noyce fast charlie, starring Pierce Brosnan. company issued SleepStarring Zac Efron earlier this month.

EVP of global acquisitions and co-production Seth Sui in talks for the deal good neighbor On behalf of the screen media, with the CAA on behalf of the filmmakers.