Seerat Kapoor Raises Temperature In Mural Art Inspired Satin Silk Outfit Worth 30K

Seerat Kapoor’s artistic 30k outfit is a perfect mix of fashion and art- view the pics now! (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Sirat is one of the most sought after actresses. She is a social bee who never fails to keep her fans updated with her personal and professional life. From glamorous appearances to casual outings, the actress never fails to mesmerize her fans with her sartorial picks and oh-so-glamorous looks. The actress recently turned heads in a satin silk dress inspired by a pink and blue mural art, and we can’t help but swoon over her look.

Seerat Kapoor’s outfit by WHENKAT GODDAMN is worth a look. The pant costs Rs 16,200, while the sleeveless top costs Rs 6,000. The outfit is a perfect mix of art and fashion, and Seerat Kapoor pulls it off with ease. The satin silk material adds a touch of luxury to the dress, making it perfect for a night out or special occasion. To complete her look, Seerat Kapoor paired the outfit with statement rings and heels that complemented her artistic dress. Rings add a touch of glamor to the outfit, while high heels add height and elegance. The whole look is a perfect example of how to accessorize an outfit and still make the outfit stand out.

Seerat Kapoor’s makeup is also matching perfectly with her outfit. he chose nude lipstick Which matches with the pink and blue color of his outfit. Her curls add volume and texture to her hair, making her look even more beautiful.

Now see her look,

Tell us what do you think of Sirat’s look now!

In terms of his professional career, Seerat Kapoor Will soon play the female lead in Dil Raju’s next production venture, which is yet to be titled.

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