Selena Gomez & John Hoffman Tease 1970s Serial Killer Season 2 Of ‘Only Murders In The Building’ – Crew Call Podcast

“I really relate to the character in a lot of ways, from the way I make new friends in unconventional places, and feel a little isolated and not understood at times,” Selena Gomez indicates time frame crew call About what drew her to the part of Hulu’s Mabel Mora only murders in the building,

“On top of that, I’m plagued by true guilt,” she adds.

Hear our conversation with the star, the show’s EP and co-producer John Hoffman,

“The show is built on the classic Meet Modern,” Hoffman said on casting Gomez as the straight-comedy woman for Steve Martin and Martin Short’s goofy Charles Haden-Savage and Oliver Putnam.


“From the beginning in the first reading, “she was running her natural comedic flair, and that’s well respected,” says Hoffman.

“She has her own, she’s got a style and a way in which she gets down on a line, and cracks a joke,” he continues, “not a dishonest bone in her body. She’s pure humor gold.” “

Hoffman tells us how he got into the series via Martin, Dan Fogelman, and Jess Rosenthal. Being a native of Brooklyn, he was inspired to move only murders in the building, one of his inspirations Rosemary’s baby.

only murders in the building
Craig Blankenhorn / Hulu

“There hasn’t been a great signature apartment building show or movie since then,” explains Hoffman.

In fact, the producer teases that Season 2 will serve up a 1970s sensibility and “serial killer attitude.”

Gomez also talks about her love of producing, her thoughts on a musical episode, and her upcoming projects.

In regards to the high stakes of Season 2, Gomez explains, “Doing another season of a show that was really a reaction was a little nervous. I panicked because I was like ‘How can I top this? How can I be better?”

Adds the multi-platinum performer, “With all the confidence in my body, this season is a million times better than one. We just landed our characters, we have a really well mixed cast, it’s really diverse. You’re going to be surprised.”