Selvaraghavan’s Intriguing First Look From Mohan G. Kshatriyan’s ‘Bakasuran’ Out!

‘Bakasuran’ starring Selvaraghavan and Nataraja Subramani in lead roles released the first look of the film (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Director Mohan G. The unit of Kshatriya’s eagerly awaited action thriller “Bakasuran”, starring director Selvaraghavan and actor Nataraja Subramani in lead roles, released the first look of the film on Saturday.

first look poster actor Selvaraghavan dressed like an ascetic and was greeted by many in the background.

Selvaraghavan shared the first look poster featuring his picture on Twitter and said, “‘Bakasuran’ first look! Hope you all liked it!”

Tweeting the first look poster, the Kshatriya said: “Pagai Mudikka Varugiran bakasurni (Buxuran is on his way to eliminate his enemies).” He also announced that the teaser of the film will be released on Sunday.

Renowned cinematographer and actor Subramani, who along with Selvaraghavan plays other important roles in the film, recently announced that he has wrapped up his portions for the film. A few days before completing his part, Subramani, popularly known as Natti, had said that he was stunned to see Selvaraghavan’s performance as an actor in the film.

“There is no change in the fact that Selvaraghavan is a brilliant director. I am stunned by his talent as an actor. How many aspects has Mohan ji drawn from him as a director? I can’t do anything more than praise him.”

Sources say that the film, which has music by Sam CS and cinematography by Farooq and Baasha, is likely to hit the screens soon.

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