Seriesmakers Opens For Submissions; CBC BIPOC Initiative; Bollywood Female Gaffers Incubator; German Deals For Beyond — Global Briefs

Marty Noxon and Frank Dogler Join Showrunner Speakers chain frenzy and beta chain maker Initiative as it opens for submission

Series Mania Forum and European content powerhouse Beta Group have launched a €120,000 SeriesMakers initiative for submissions and unveiled a number of high-profile speakers for its opening ceremony. Marty Noxon (sharp objects, unreal), Agnieszka Holland (House of cards, burning bush), Michael Hurst (Vikings, the Tudors and Frank Dogler (game of Thrones, cluster) are among nine speakers unveiled for the first online edition of Initiative. Jayne Jakowski (Tony Erdman, skylines), Israeli script doc Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz (girl from oslo), Isabel Lindberg Pechau (trom) and Brazil’s Felipe Braga (syntonia, love 3) are among the guides. Feature film directors who have had at least one film screen in the last five years in the official selection of a top film festival who want to step into series production can now choose between two of the two selected for €50,000 ($52,500) prizes from BETA. You can submit projects together. Or a new €20,000 award for emerging talent proposed by the Kirch Foundation. Ten (including team efforts) will be selected, before the three winners take home the grant. The submission deadline is 15 September. Lawrence Herzberg, General Director of Series Mania, and Kobi Gal Rade, Chief Content Officer of Beta, oversee the initiative.

CBC-BIPOC TV and film showrunner Catalyst Banff. launched in

CBC, BIPOC TV & Film and the Canadian Film Center (CFC) have unveiled an accelerator program to support the career advancement of senior writers who identify as indigenous, black or people of color. CBC-BIPOC TV and Film Showrunner Catalyst, unveiled yesterday at the Banff World Media Festival, will provide high-end professional coaching, designed through a racist and equity-focused lens, and additional tools and support systems Required to reach an audience. level in Canada. The inaugural participants have been selected. He is Andrew Burroughs-Trotman (frankie drake mystery, digstown, Coolie, Screenwriter, poet and Amy Motion (coroner, Coolie, revenge of black best friend) and Tanzanian-born Canadian-British creative Ian Iqbal Rashid (like, this life, touch of pink) each will also be associated with an external listener, which will act as a mentor. The inaugural event will run through the summer and fall.

Women in Film and Television Association India and Bollywood grip tools provider set up female geffers program

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha and director Suchi Talati are starting an incubator program for women aspiring to work as gaffers in the Hindi film industry. She has teamed up with Women in Film and Television Association India and lighting and grip equipment provider Light n Light to create Undercurrent Lab, which officially launched today. It will provide ten participants with a one-week crash course from gaffers and cinematographers, after which they will be sent to the field to work as apprentices. The two will be roped in for Richa and Ali’s first production girls will be girls, Richa – who had planned as an all-women production operation – said she had found that there were “virtually no women” working in the Hindi lighting departments. Sponsored by Light n Light and powered by Mastercard and Berlinale Talent, the lab starts today and runs until June 18.

German Broadcasters Snap Up beyond rights factual material

Sky Deutschland, RTL, Discovery Germany, ZDF Studio and SevenOne. Entertainment is making a factual purchase in UK-based Beyond Rights. Sky’s German branch bagged a nearly 100-hour package that included shows such as the royal biographical series ElizabethPrince Andrew Doctor prince and pedophile and competitive dog grooming shows pooch perfect usa, RTL took motor mythbustersWhereas Discovery Germany. for all six seasons of Nightmare Tenant, Slum Landlord, ZDFS won MH370: Cover Up and season two underground world And SevenOne took the first three runs of Undercut: Wooden Treasure and the final season of massive engineering mistakes,