‘Sexy Durga’ Director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan Clarifies Not Signing Any Agreements Regarding The Rights Of Any Of His Films!

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan says, ‘Have not signed any agreement on film rights’ (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Noted Malayalam director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, who is best known for his film “Sexy Durga”, on Friday clarified that he has no qualms with anyone regarding his rights from “Oralpokkam” to any film directed by him. Haven’t compromised. ‘Chola’ and its Tamil version ‘Alli’.

going to instagram To clarify his stance, the well-known director wrote: “This is a public notice: I have no agreement with anyone regarding my rights in any of the films directed from ‘Oralpokkam’ to ‘Chola’ and its Thamiz”. Version ‘Ali’.

Sanal Kumar said, “Since ‘Oralpokkam’ was made with crowd-funding, it was decided at the time of production that it will remain copyright free for five years after its release and accordingly, the copyright of that film now belongs to the entire public.” Sasidharan added.

Sanal Kumar Sasidharani It also wrote, “After systematic violence started against me and my films in 2019, steps have been taken to bury all films from ‘Ozhivudivasthe Kali’ to ‘Kayattam’. Fresh evidence sent to sales agent by Joju George There is a letter urging me to stop the international distribution of the film ‘Chola’ without consulting me. I will write about it later with more proofs if needed.”

“Now, I am writing this for one more reason. I am the original content creator of all my films. Their censor certificates are indisputable proof of this fact. As the original content creator, I am the full copyright creator in the absence of any other contract. I keep

“No copyright transfer agreement exists with anyone for any other film, except an agreement with Manju Warrier for the transfer of my copyright in the film Kayattam.” Sanal Kumar Sasidharani

“Legally this is the case until the various producers have written and transferred their copyrights by a written agreement after fulfillment of the oral agreements I have with them.”

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan concluded, “In this case, it is made public that any sale or contract of my films other than ‘Kayattam’ without my knowledge or consent is void as per the Copyright Act.”

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