Saturday, October 23, 2021

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    ‘Shadow And Bone’ Actor Ben Barnes Shows A Different Side With Help From Some Famous Friends

    “I think the last 18 months have made us all question what’s important to us,” Barnes said. “What are our priorities, and what do we want to do with our time given the time and opportunity. I found this time to be a fertile time to write music for songs that I had been relishing for a long time.”

    Barnes admitted to “a few false starts many years ago” to start a music career, but realized at age 40 that he was not a collaborator at the time.

    “I kept thinking about the 80 year old version of myself and he’s sorry I never released my music. The matter was when… if not now? And it’s no wonder that when you take out music So it’s called a “release” because that’s exactly what it feels like. And now no one can ever take away the fact that I’ve put my own music, which I’m proud of in the world.”

    There are no plans for any live gigs in the near future. “I’m working on Guillermo del Toro’s horror anthology, cabinet of curiosities, And I’m going back in season two Shadow and Bone,” Barnes said.But I’m recording some ‘live’ performances and hope that’s the next challenge for me… to sing these songs for a live audience.”

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