Shamita Shetty Opens Up On Her Battle With Depression & Why She Stopped Wearing Sleeveless Tops

Shamita Shetty opens up on her battle with depression and why she stopped wearing sleeveless tops, read! (photo credit – Instagram)

In conversation with her beloved ‘Munki’ and Mirchi’s Shape of You host Shilpa Shetty, actress and Bigg Boss 15 finalist, Shamita Shetty, who opened up about her insecurities and her battle with depression. Let’s see Shamita’s journey below.

Shamita admits that even though she has calmed down now, she used to feel extremely conscious about her arms; So much so that she refused to wear a sleeveless top! While these insecurities pushed him in depressionShe came out much stronger with the courage to face new challenges in life.

This is how he entered the Bigg Boss house. She further added that even though she has passed that stage in her life, she constantly keeps on checking her mental and emotional health so that she does not fall back into depression. Sharing everything from her fitness regimen to some mantras, Shamita Shetty shares some of the commonly known and followed fitness myths.

it’s such a healthy Conversation Between Shamita Shetty and her sister Shilpa Shetty. Watch it below:

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