Shamoon Abbasi expresses his frustration with Individuals who are Criticizing him over his Marriages

Shamoon Abbasi He is a famous Pakistani actor, director and producer. Shamoon Abbasi has been in the media industry for over two decades. He began his career as a director and producer with the participation of many big names. The actor was recognized as an actor in the PTV drama series. He is known for playing villainous roles in many TV series and movies. His films Dadal and Hui Tum Ajnabee released this Eid.

Recently, the actor revealed that he is married to Sherry Shah. Although this information was criticized by many, many congratulated the actor on his marriage to Sherry. Responding to those criticizing her for her marriage, Shamoon Abbasi Said: “People don̵7;t understand that being married is better than having a girlfriend, people often ask, ‘Why are you getting married?’ The concept of courtship, if you want someone, get married, what is marriage? It’s a nikah, you promise in the name of Allah and you testify to it, obviously I didn’t know about it, I’m the other I am from culture, I learned that and I take it very seriously. I thought you can’t have a girlfriend like this.

He further said, ‘You haven’t heard about my business because I have never been in business but now people are making fun of me for my marriage, what can I say to such people brother this is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan what am I ‘Should I leave my daughter at home??’, you want people to compliment you ‘Oh, he’s a huge playboy’. here it is video link,