Shania Twain Recalls The Time She Rescued Her Family From Her Abusive Stepdad: “I Said, ‘Get Dressed, We’re Leaving’”

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Shania Twain rescued the family from her abusive stepfather (Picture Credit: Bang Showbiz)

Shania Twain puts herself in the “line of fire” to save her family from her abusive stepfather.

The 57-year-old singer was still a teenager when she helped her mother and her siblings escape from her stepfather, at which time Shanaya feared for her mother’s life.

During an appearance on ‘The Louis Theroux Podcast’, she said: “I think at about the age of 13, when I was 13, I declared that was the worst year of my life. [I said] To me, like really out loud: ‘This is the worst year of my life. And I’m not going to get any worse. I’m going to make sure this is the last terrible year of my life.

Shania Twain plans to help her mother and her siblings escape the “abusive cycle”.

The chart-topping singer needed her mother’s help to reach torontowhere he was placed in a shelter for abuse victims.

Shania Twain recalled: “I waited for my father at work. And I brought my Mother A coffee and a cigarette in bed. I made all the children sit in the car. And then when everyone was ready, I got her out of bed. And I said, ‘Get ready, we’re leaving.’ She was very confused. But I managed to persuade her.

“I said, ‘Look, everybody’s already in the car. Everything’s in the car. All you have to do is get behind that wheel and drive. That’s all you have to do. And he did. And we Off to Toronto, which was a ten hour drive. And we’ve got to do something with battered wives.

“So I say, ‘Mom, you have to talk, because they’ll know I’m a kid. And they’re not going to take me seriously.’ So we went to a shelter that was like a normal homeless shelter. And then we were placed in a battered woman’s house.”

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