Sharmila Tagore Is The ‘Bikini Queen’ Of Bollywood Starting The Trend In 1966 With A Bold Photoshoot!

Sharmila Tagore is the ‘Bikini Queen’ of Bollywood, the trend started with bold photoshoot in 1966, check out! (Photo Credit – Wikipedia)

Bollywood has changed a lot in the last few years. Actors-actresses and models have brought many trends that have changed the course of fashion and over the years. One of the significant changes in fashion around the world was the bikini. The entry of bikini in Bollywood dates back to the 1960s and the credit goes to Sharmila Tagore.

veteran Actress She was the harbinger of the bikini trend with her bold photoshoots. His contemporaries in the film industry then followed suit. She was known for her unconventional choices.

Sharmila Tagore, who made her Bollywood debut with Kashmir Ki Kali (1964), caused quite a stir when she did a special photoshoot for Filmfare for the August 1966 issue wearing a two-piece bikini. According to the report of the magazine, Actress It took only two minutes to change but the face of the cover of the magazine was changed forever. She dressed in the least amount of clothes with amazing elegance.

Sharmila Tagore also told about the controversial bikini shoot during a conversation with the magazine. She said, “Oh! God, how conservative our society was then! I don’t know why I did that shoot. It was just before my wedding. I remember when I showed the photographer a two-piece bikini, he asked me asked, ‘Are you sure about this?’ In some shots he even asked me to cover my body. He was more worried than me but I didn’t mind doing that shoot. Only when people started reacting strongly to the cover, I was taken aback. Wondered why they didn’t like the picture. I thought I looked cool. Some called it a deliberate move to get people’s attention; others called me ‘weirdly supernatural’. I hated it Maybe, there was a demonstrator in me, because I was young and excited to do something different.”

Sharmila Tagore also wore a sky blue one piece swimsuit for the 1967 film An Evening in Paris. She was paired opposite Shammi Kapoor and the film was directed by Shakti Samanta.

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