‘She-Hulk’ EP Addresses Speculation Of Ghost Rider Appearance

with the premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Coming to Disney+, there’s been a lot of speculation about how the series is related miracle Cinematic Universe. Comics fans noticed an alleged reference to the character Ghost Rider, named Johnny Blaze, with the last name appearing a lot.

However, it is revealed that the character’s name is Donny Blaise, which will be personified by the actor. rice choiro, During the series’ red carpet premiere, Deadline asked her about her character, but didn’t reveal much.

“He is a very powerful and brilliant person and he is wonderful and wonderful in every way and he just lives to amaze and entertain,” he said.

his wife kat choiroWho is there? director of the showIt jumped up saying that the only person to have answered more about Ghost Rider was Kevin Feige possibly visible.

However, it was the executive producer jessica sing who offered an important clarification about the character that fans were speculating about.

“He’s not a Ghost Rider—his name is Donny Blaze,” Gao said before adding the character “there’s a wizard named Donny Blaze.”

Gao said that Donnie Blaze was a new version of Ghost Rider, adding that “it’s just a magician who chose a stage name that he thought would get a lot of attention.” The executive producer ended by saying that Donny Blaze “is a big character in his episode but he’s not a Ghost Rider.”