Shehzad Shaikh: The fact that I get to work every day is my biggest joy

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Shahzad Sheikh: The fact that I go to work every day is my greatest joy (Photo Credits- Instagram)

‘Qubool Hai’ actor Shehzad Sheikh, who is currently seen in TV show ‘Sindoor Ki Keem’, says the fact that he gets to act every day is what keeps him satisfied and fulfilled.

The actor also said that he loved playing the role of Arjun Awasthi.

He said, “The best compliment I have received for my character is that Arjun and I have a lot in common. I love Arjun Awasthi. It takes exactly 10 minutes to get ready for my character. My daily drive to the sets It’s that I’m a living, breathing actor. Just as doctors need a hospital to go to work, actors need a set. The fact that I get to go to work every day is my life. ‘s greatest joy,” he said.

The actor said that he learned a lot from his character and it will always be with him.

“I played Arjun Awasthi for a year, so it is difficult for me because he follows me everywhere. My Character Affects me mentally and physically but I am very happily loving my journey with all the problems and good things that come with it,” he said.

During this, he said that he has a good relationship with everyone on the set. “I feel as the head of the show I hardly get time to do other things or spend too much time on set. I am always running around for second shots. I co-star Very close to everyone including Vaibhavi Hankare,” he concluded.

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