Shiv Shakti Tap Tyag Tandav upcoming twist: Sati destroys her life in fire for Shiva, Now who will save Daksha?" />

Shiv Shakti Tapa Tyag Tandav Upcoming Spoiler Alertt: in the latest track Shiv Shakti Tav Tyag TandavWe see that Sati’s daughter is Prajapati Daksh; He is against the marriage of Shiva and Sati because of Shiva. Sati prepares to give up her life and tells her father that she will live if she marries Shiva, and she pleads with Agnidev to come and burn her. Later, we see that Shiva finds out the reason for Sati’s death. Taking the form of Veer Bhadra, he is beheading Daksha. Seeing the burnt body, Shiva assumes the Tandava form and begins his Tandava dance. All the deities became very worried that now everything would be destroyed by the fire of Shiva. Later, he takes Sati’s body with him to Kailash while Vishnu and all the gods try to stop him, but everyone fails in the face of Shiva’s wrath. Shiva starts cutting Sati’s body into 51 parts and declares that all the parts have merged and become Shaktipeeths. read this also- Twist coming in this week’s Shiv Shakti Tapa Tyaag Tandav: Sati and Shiva’s romance at its peak, Prayag Yagya will wreak havoc

Shiv Shakti Tapa Tyag Tandav Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming track of Shiv Shakti Tapa Tandav Tyag, we will see who will save Daksh’s life now? Shiva begins to apply bhasma to his body, and we know that he will never spare Daksha’s life. Later, we see when every deity pacifies Shiva. Tarakasura is taking birth to destroy everything.

The show started on 19th June and the audience loved Shiv Shakti Tapa Tyag Tandav, Shakti roles of Shiva and Sati. Ram Yashvardhan And Subha Rajput, Well, the upcoming track is going to completely involve around the death of Daksha and Tarakasura taking birth to destroy the deity and the entire world. But in the upcoming episode of Tapa Tyag Tandav, we will see how Mahadev will destroy the name of Daksha as well as Tarakasura. Tarakasura is very powerful, so mother Kali had arrived to kill him. We see Maa Kali in her fiery form when she comes to Kailash to kill him.

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