Shoaib Akhtar Shares His Proven Technique For Prayers |

Prayers are what propel man forward in this world which is otherwise full of pain and despair. Whatever is to be achieved in life one has to take the help of Allah and Allah never lets his creation down. Prayer helps people find solace, connect with Allah when one feels alone and seek His guidance in times of need. Many people believe in different things that they do so their prayers are answered. Shoaib Akhtar also has his own way of fulfilling his wishes.

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He was a guest on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast and shared that he has a proven technique that has made all his prayers come true. He said that whenever he wanted something in life, he not only prayed for it himself, but he asked his mother, the one person he loved most in his life and who took it upon himself to pray for him throughout his life. guided them for

Shoaib Akhtar shares his proven technique for prayer

He further said that he has complete technology. He used to massage his mother’s feet and spend time with his parents. He used to take his mother out for drives and later ask her to pray for him and all his prayers always came true.

Shoaib Akhtar shares his proven technique for prayer

Here is Shoaib Akhtar’s technique and should be adopted by everyone who has a parent with them: