Shruti Haasan looks Unrecognizable after Surgery went Horribly Wrong!

As corny as it may sound, trolling is one of those things that doesn’t discriminate, because regardless of your gender, age or profession, people will find a reason to criticize you. So, if Bollywood celebrities are under scrutiny for getting “alleged” work done on their faces, South actors and actresses are not far behind.

(Photo Credits: Shruti Haasan/@Instagra)

We said this when we saw South and Bollywood actress Shruti Haasan becoming the latest victim of fan trolling for allegedly undergoing cosmetic surgery. a thread on reddit Discussed how Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is not the only one who went under the knife as she dug out old ‘before-after’ pictures of Shruti Haasan.

One user wrote, “There is clearly an epidemic of deviated septum among Bollywood celebs. It’s really heartbreaking how they had to come out with completely different looking noses.” Another commented, ” I love how she looks in Luck!! The grunge aesthetic suited her, not a fan of the “dolled up” transformation she went through”

© Reddit

Since there has been no confirmation of the claims, these speculations are baseless and, honestly, seeing fans stop criticizing someone for their personal choices is getting pretty old. Whether a celebrity accepts to undergo cosmetic procedures or not, it is time we focus on ourselves instead of thinking of film stars.

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