Shut Up Sona: Sona Mohapatra Reveals Her Struggles, “I’ve Been Told Don’t Shout Back At Bullies, Don’t Misbehave…”

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Sona Mohapatra’s documentary Chup Sona to release on Zee5 (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Popular singer Sona Mohapatra opens up about her latest documentary Shut Up Sona. This documentary follows his journey and focuses on a legal notice alleging Sleep Blasphemed because he sang devotional songs while wearing ‘obscene’ clothes.

On World Music Day, the singer announced the release of her documentary on the digital platform.

The National Award winning documentary is directed by Deepti Gupta and produced by Sona Mohapatra.

Sona Mohapatra says: “As a woman, I have been told where the lines are all my life. Lines I can’t cross: Don’t sing loud, don’t express your opinion, don’t yell at threats, don’t ‘misbehave’. As a singer, artist, performer and producer, I am making my way into a man’s world and the rules are in his favor. I’ve been told to ‘shut up’ to bring it up.”

Sona says that as a woman she has to face many restrictions and through this documentary she wants to answer all those orders.

“This film is my reaction to those decrees, those insults. The film also gives space to the female gaze and shows an artist, me and my music in all its unfiltered, raw glory. It is also a film about my passion for seeking truth through my art, about the struggle between the medieval and the new, between stagnation and change, and about our right to exist with voices that assert She is fearless and yes, rude, adds Sona Mohapatra.

Deepti shared about the film: “The film is not just about my friend Sona, but about a woman whose tireless striving for equality has resulted in an inspiring journey that is part protest and part music. Is. A woman who has been told not to take up so much space in public discourse, to hold back, to cling to music, to cover up, but mostly, to ‘shut up’. ,

“Sona shows by example that all women can stand their ground, no matter how much they are pushed back. As one of India’s first female cinematographers to work in a male-dominated profession, I relate to Sona’s story on many levels and I’m sure there will be many other women as well, as they are at every step, every step of the way. On the move tackles millennials of patriarchy. day,” she concluded.

The film focuses on feudal singer Sona Mohapatra’s fearless fight against patriarchy despite several threats.

Shut Up Sona will premiere on July 1 ZEE5,

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