Sid Sriram Believes In The Magic Of Music: “Definitely One Of The Most Powerful Manifestations”

The way a chord can change your day or break you completely is profound: Sid Sriram (Photo Credits – Facebook)

Sid Sriram, one of the popular singers of India believes that the world is full of various manifestations of magic, divinity and wonder and music is certainly one of the most powerful manifestations.

Taking to Instagram to share his thoughts on the same on the occasion of World Music Day on Tuesday, Sid Sriram wrote, “I always think of posting something for World Music Day but end up forgetting. I was in the car today and AR Rahman sir’sBombay‘ The theme hit the shuffle and struck me in the same way every time I listen to it. The song hasn’t left my head since.

“I think the world is full of magic, divinity and various expressions of wonder. Music is definitely one of the most powerful expressions. One melody can change the way your day or break you completely, that is deep.

“One of my favorite aspects of music is the idea of ​​reinterpretation. I remember when I was in junior high and I heard ColtraneFirst version of ‘My Favorite Things’ and it felt like a portal opened for me to a new universe. To me, a 13 year old, the idea that it would take a song from jazz giant ‘Sound of Music’ and give it its own twist was so dope.

“I felt the same way when I heard Andre 3k perform his version of the same song on his album ‘The Love Bottom’. It’s a whole, infinite ocean of sound with limitless scope and possibilities.

“Experiencing the magnificence of music in all its varied splendor is the most beautiful thing ever. The spark I felt in the car earlier today while listening to a masterpiece reminded me that time can stand still. All the love “

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