Sid Sriram Feels Some Of The Truest Emotions Are ‘Felt On Stage’, Adds “It’s Pretty Wild”

Sid Sriram believes that true feelings are felt on stage (Photo Credits – Facebook)

Sid Sriram, one of India’s most popular singers, says that some true emotions are felt on stage.

Taking to Instagram to share your thoughts on the great performance in HyderabadSid said, “Hyderabad, you hold a special place in my heart. Big big love. Put the work to work. Internalizing new experiences and integrating them into the foundation, building on that.”

Sid Sriram went on to say, “I realized some true emotions on stage when I was in and out of sleep on the plane back to Chennai this morning. It’s so wild how the performance of a song is on your body. The quick light of your core in and out of spirit can jolt bolts through. Anything from regret to warmth to patience, and infinitely more.

Sid Sriram also listed some of his favorite moments from Sunday night’s performance and wished people a Happy Father’s Day. “Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. My father is the dopest I know,” he said lightly.

Sid Sriram has primarily worked in the Tamil and Telugu music industries, but has also contributed to the music industry in the Kannada and Malayalam film industries. His credits include songs from films such as PushpaValimai, Radhe Shyam and more.

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