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    Simple Kaul On Managing Her Restaurant & Shooting Schedule: “In The Break Time I Make A Point To Talk To My Partners”

    Actress Simple Kaul on managing her restaurant, shooting schedule (Photo Credits: Instagram/SimpleCall)

    Time management has become quite a task in today’s time. Simple Kaul totally agrees as she is managing two things, her restaurant and the shooting schedule for her ongoing show ‘Ziddi Dil Mane Na’.

    “Between shots or in break time, I make it a point to talk to my partner and do my job. My time management gets better because when no one is working everything slows down because you are doing everything on your own. when there was a global pandemicEveryone was getting up late and working on their own time but once you are working, you do everything throughout the day.

    “You workout, shoot, go for a walk, meet yourself” Friend Too. So the time management definitely gets better. You use less time to relax, reflect, and more time to do something creative,” says Simple Kaul.

    Everyone is busy with their respective careers, but people in the entertainment industry are often heard complaining about paucity of time.

    “It’s true but that’s the route we’ve taken, especially when you’re doing daily soaps. I’m also a tease most days. But you have to figure out how to find time for certain things. And, if you don’t have time So you figure out that whenever you get a big break and between shot to shot or from one project to another, you do your other thing. You have to prioritize,” explains Simple Kaul .

    Do you think life was much simpler before social media existed? “Of course, but I don’t think there’s anything bad in that. I think it’s good because today the world has become smaller. As I said I like to share my experiences with people and learn and read and watch that what is happening around the world.

    “It is a source of entertainment. It is also good for older people as I feel that sitting alone in the house does not make them feel lonely. I am especially talking about people who are living away from their children It’s also good for us in a way that helps us in more ways than one,” concluded Simple Kaul.

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