Simran Director Hansal Mehta Calls Working With Kangana Ranaut A ‘Massive Mistake’, Opens Up About Actress Taking Over The Film’s Direction

Simran director Hansal Mehta calls working with Kangana Ranaut in Simran a ‘big mistake’ (Photo Credits – Twitter; Simran Poster)

Kangana Ranaut’s 2017 release Simran performed disastrous at the box office during her release opposite Sohum Shah in the Hansal Mehta starrer. The film failed to impress the audience.

For the Unknown, 2017 released movie It revolves around Prafulla (played by Kangana), a divorcee who loses all her savings in gambling and takes loans to survive. However, she fails to repay the loan and finds herself drawn into a life of crime. The film was based on the real life story of Sandeep Kaur.

The story of Simran movie may seem interesting, but the film was badly beaten at the box office. the director Regarding the film, Hansal Mehta has now opened up about his experience working with Kangana Ranaut, and looks like working with her was nothing short of hell for him.

During his recent interaction with Mashable India, Hansal Mehta recalled working with Kangana Ranaut in Simran and called it a big mistake. When Ranaut was asked about taking over the editing post of the film, Mehta claimed that there was nothing to edit as she only shot what she wanted to shoot. He said, “The edit didn’t takeover him, to be fair to him, but there was nothing to edit takeover because the material was what got him shot (he didn’t edit, to be fair).” , but there was nothing to take in the editing. We only had the material he shot).”

The Shahid director then said, “(Kangana) is a very talented actor who has limited himself by choosing a particular kind of role.” She continued, “She is a very talented actor, she is a very good actress, a really really good actress, I think she has limited herself by making films about herself. You have to see all the characters like that. No need to make up as you want to believe you are.”

“She is on fire” and said, “Abhi kuch gaana aaya her… (She had a song recently…) She is a woman on fire… you are basically talking about yourself You know these are the things you want for yourself, you keep it there. I don’t even have the space to criticize the choices she makes. She’s a big star, even today and she’s so good She is an actress, I stand by that and we didn’t enjoy working with her. Working with her was a big mistake.” He draws further conclusions.

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