Sunday, December 5, 2021

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    ‘Sing 2’ Gets Spinoff Of Sorts In Illumination Short Film Plugging Xfinity That Aired During Macy’s Parade

    feeling excited about sing 2, the animated sequel hitting theaters December 22, NBCUniversal and parent company Comcast using it for your annual thanksgiving promotion xfinity,

    Longer than the typical 30 seconds of most TV commercials, Comcast’s cinematic spots have become an annual staple for its flagship broadband and TV brand. They first appear during the broadcast of NBC’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and are amplified by other synergistic platforms such as Today,

    Directed by Garth Jennings, writer and director of sing The film, titled “Come Home”, debuted during today’s parade coverage of the short. It introduces a new group of anthropomorphic animal characters that are not seen in movies. (See it above.)

    Most of the dog family at home during the holiday season is in the form of snow storms. Voiced by Angie, actress and TV personality Keke Palmer, is the mother of the pack. As her favorite holiday variety show on TV approaches, she is driving home from work. Trapped by Blizzard, she winds up backstage at the variety show studio, where the franchise’s main character, Matthew McConaughey, voiced by Reese Witherspoon and others, appears briefly. Angie then gets a chance to reconnect with her family, even though she can’t physically return home.

    The film follows two lavishly equestrian shorts that premiered on Thanksgiving and then aired as short as commercials during the holiday season. Comcast in 2019 staged the sequel of ET The Extra Terrestrial and released last year Craig Gillespie-Directed Outing with Steve Carell He navigated through Covid, playing the role of Santa Claus. In those previous cases, a shortened version of the films aired on NBC, with the full being available online only. This year a block of two minutes will be devoted to the full short during the parade broadcast and will also be online.

    Light, the NBCU-owned studio behind despicable Me And sing, made short.

    “Working hand in hand with Universal and Xfinity, Roshni was given the opportunity to create content that was rooted in the world sing and captured the holiday spirit of Xfinity,” said Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri. “The material introduces a new character who unexpectedly finds herself expressing herself creatively through song. It’s an honor to be able to remind people of the power of being together through this holiday world sing 2 And our characters.”

    Palmer will appear in Universal’s Jordan Peele-directed horror film next summer No, Along with music and theater work, he rose to fame as a host on TV in The Third Hour of the Year alongside Michael Strahan and Sarah Haines. good Morning America, Although the talk show ended its brief run in 2020, it earned Palmer a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.

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