Sir David Attenborough Behind BBC Landmark ‘Wild Isles’ On British Wildlife From Silverback Films

Sir David Attenboroughlatest BBC natural history landmark Wild Islands (working title), The goal of “What to do for Britain’s wildlife” The planet Earth The series has done for the wildlife of the world. ,

The five-part landmark, which has been under construction for three years, will show “a wild side to the British Isles”, the BBC said, before profiling a key to why the region is so globally important to nature. But begins with an episode. Per AP Habitat: Woodlands, grasslands, freshwater and marine. Like killer whales, sea eagles and butterflies will all be on show.

netflix David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet the creator Silverback Filmswhich was recently acquired by all3mediais producing and The Open University, RSPB and WWF are all co-producers.

Attenborough said British Wildlife “matches everything I’ve seen on my global travels,” describing “stunning scenery, extraordinary animal drama and wildlife spectacles”.

BBC Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History Jack Bootle said viewers would draw out of the show “a meadow in Somerset as beautiful as the Serengeti, and the North Atlantic as wild and dramatic as the Antarctic Ocean.”

wild island Bootle, executive producer is Alistair Fothergill and series producer is Hilary Jeffkins.

Attenborough, a 96-year-old natural history pioneer showing no signs of slowing down in his old age, recently moderated a BBC One/PBS/France television feature Dinosaurs: Last Days.