Sky CEO Dana Strong: Relationship With PSBs Has “Never Been Stronger”; Reveals Almost One-Third Of PSB Content Watched On Sky

sky CEO Dana Strong has described the pay-TV giant’s relationship with Public Service Broadcasters (PSBs) as “never stronger”, revealing that 30% of content from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 is watched on the platform. Is.

Speaking at the Deloitte & Anders Media & Telecom conference, Strong said he is “extraordinarily respectful” of these PSBs at a time when they are in danger, with BBC license fees frozen for two years and Channel 4’s to be privatized.

“The role of PSBs in UK culture could not be more important,” he said. “The history of storytelling in the UK is deep and I couldn’t be more helpful. Connecting people to the content they love works for both sides [PSBs and Sky],

Strong revealed that around 30% of British PSBs’ content is watched on Sky, a notion that cements the Comcast-owned pay-TV giant’s position as aggregator of the best British content, regardless of what it’s for. has been created.

She spoke today on an “extensive” set of originals offered by the in-house Operation Sky studio, which has tripled the number of shows over the past three years, ranging from hits like chernobyl To London gangs.

“We did a good job with a lot of different voices,” he added of the operation which now cost £500M ($608M) on the original.

Sky Studios Elstree will also launch soon, adding £3BN ($3.7BN) to the UK production area, according to Sky.

Strong was speaking out as Sky Studios solidified its original offering with the appointment of filmmaker and exec Vesna Cuddick in the newly created documentary partnership role.

Cudic, who previously ran boutique London sales agency Metfilm Sales, will be responsible for Sky Studios’ partnerships with filmmakers and creatives around the world to develop and develop non-scripted projects targeted at Sky’s platforms and channels across Europe. is to produce.

The fare is announced a day after that three identical strangers Executive Tom Barry joins Poppy Dixon’s Sky documentary commissioning team.

sky glass

Turning to Sky Glass, the latest Sky product that’s effectively a smart TV and doesn’t require a satellite dish, Strong said it’s helping to bring in a younger demographic as people with less money can buy a cheaper TV. , can pay the corresponding monthly fee.

“It opens up that opportunity and makes it simple and affordable,” she said. “By converting to monthly fees it really helped make Sky affordable for a larger demographic base. It felt like the next step.”

Jeremy Darroch was given a strong position early last year in one of the most powerful positions in British broadcasting.