Sky UK In Talks Over Loss Of Late-Night U.S. Talk Shows Due To Writers Strike

Unique: Sky is talking with distributors about how to offset losses to four of America’s biggest late-night talk shows due to the writers’ strike.

nbc double The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon And Real Time with Bill Maherwith hbo last week tonight with john oliver And Late Night with Seth Meyers, All air on Sky immediately after the US premiere. The pay-TV network put him in a late night slot on its Sky Comedy Linear channel. Sky is owned by NBC-owner comcast And there are licensing deals with HBO.

fallon’s show it will get dark tonight While a final decision on the immediate future of the other three is expected later this week.

Deadline understands that Sky is talking to distributors about the impact as it is forced to potentially uproot its late-night schedule in the coming weeks. It is understood that Aakash is likely to either rerun the show or replace it with old scripted fare. Sky shows repeats of many American shows including the Comedy Channel. And just like that… And Office.

Other major late night US talk shows are either viewable or not available in the UK via Paramount+.

Late-night shows have been among the hardest hit by the strike, which was made official about four hours ago and is the first in the US for 15 years. The Late Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show, Late Night And the daily show All expected to pivot to run again in the US

This has also been an issue in this year’s talks between the Writers Guild of America and the studios. surrounded by late night shows on streaming, As it stands, writers who work on “comedy variety programs made for new media”, such as Peacock the amber ruffin showare not eligible for minimum basic contracts, something like wga struggling to.