‘Smile’ Now At $19M Weekend Opening – Saturday AM Box Office

Saturday AM: Refresh the chart for more analysis Paramount and other studios are calling smile Feather $19M Inauguration New Line’s. similar to last weekend with don’t worry dear Another genre picture, this R-rated horror film has received a B-Cinemascore and a serious 69%/53% definitive recommendation on comScore/Screen Engine’s PostTracks; A standard audience reaction to such fare. we see a studio calling smile At $20M, and obviously with this audience score, and the front-loaded nature of horror movies, only tonight will determine whether it grows. Last weekend, everyone got excited about the opening numbers they were seeing. don’t worry dear Got excited and called the weekend $20M before going low on Saturday morning. smileFriday’s is $8.2M, including Thursday’s $2M preview.

The demo As is typical for R-rated horror, there are 28% people over 25, 27% women under 25, 25% men under 25, and 20% women over 25. If you were at AMC Porter Ranch last night in California, you wouldn’t know that this fall was a box office gloom because the place was like a 1920s speakeasy. The 18-34 bunch showed up at 73%. The diversity demos are 32% Caucasian, 32% Latino and Hispanic, 20% Black and 9% Asian, 8% other – smile Always expected to play lively in all demos. The best markets were in the west and southwest. Eight of the top ten theaters were in the LA market. PLF Screen has sold 25% of the tickets so far.

in seconds, don’t worry darling $7.4M in 4,121 theaters on the second weekend, -62% eyeing a 10-day run of $32.9M. This is in the early AM estimates.


Friday AM: paramount horror movie smile Previews opened at 7 p.m. Thursday raised $2 million, a figure just above M. Night Shyamalan old From the summer of 2021, which earned $1.5M in its preview, and only Universal/Blumhouse’s . According to black phone Thursday previews that were $3M in June.

Paramount is expecting a high-teens debut this weekend, while it wouldn’t be shocking if smile Over $20M. black phone Opened for $23.6M. Critical Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes For The new picture is 78% fresh, still good for a horror movie. Writer-director Parker Finn’s film sits with an RT audience of 82%, which is great. When the film was originally conceived, there was a possibility that it would go to Paramount+, however, a rock concert test screening was introduced. smileDestiny for a theatrical release.



Universal’s BrothersThe LGBTQ romantic comedy starring and co-written by Billy Eichner made $500K from 2,700 theaters, starting Showtime at 5 p.m. The studio is only hoping for a number in the high single digits this weekend.

Meanwhile, New Line’s Olivia Wilde style pic don’t worry darling Finished my first week with $25.5M. The pick’s qeum for the first seven days is slightly ahead of TriStar’s first week lady king, Which did $25.1M in 4,113 theaters. don’t worry darling Solid weekdays posted: $1.66M on Monday, $2M on Tuesday, $1.3M on Wednesday, and $1.2M on Thursday. The picture is expected to drop 55%-60% in its second weekend, around $7.7M.

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lady king Thursday was in second place at $720K, -4% from Wednesday, for a second week of $14.5M and a total of $39.7M running. The Viola Davis film was booked across 3,765 locations.

20th Century Studio/Disney Re-release Avatar $580K in 1,860 locations, -15% for a first week of $13.8M and grossing $774.3M – still the fourth-highest-grossing film at the domestic box office. Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.6M, 2015), avengers: endgame ($858.3M, 2019) and Spider-Man: No Way Home ($814 million, 2021).

20th Century Studio/Disney’s Wild Earned $6.6M in Week 3 for a total of $30.2M. $2,865 on Thursday saw $370K, up -17% from Wednesday.

A24’s Pearl Earned $2.8M on 2,982 sites in Week 2, up $170K on Thursday, -22% from Wednesday and a total of $7.5M.