‘SNL’: Lorne Michaels Hints At “Year Of Change” As Michael Che Discusses Future

Every year around this time – saturday night live‘s The finale is May 21 – the rumor mill begins to see what the venerable comedy-variety series will look like next year.

in a long interview with Michael Che In the New York Times, Lorne Michaels indicated that this off-season may be busier than in recent years.

The producer and exec producer said that a “year of change” was possible. However, he expressed hope that Che, who this season overtook Seth Meyers to become the second-highest-performing person behind the Weekend Update desk, would be part of that change.

“If I had my way, it would be here,” said Michaels NY Times, “And I don’t always get my way. But when you have someone who is the real thing, you want to keep that for as long as possible.”

Lead author Che himself, who joined SNL Became a featured player in 2013 and in 2014, discussing his future with the newspaper.

“My head has been going for the last five seasons,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been here longer than I’ve been here. This show is made for young voices and, at some point, there will be something more exciting to watch than me and a dumb jost at the halfway point of the show .

But Che shrugs off every report he’s leaving, such as the one where he told a comedy crowd that this year would be his last.

“Who doesn’t say they’re going to quit their job when they’re at their second job?” They said. “I’m sure Biden says that twice a week.

Lead writer Che, formerly an African-American Weekend Update host, has been busy with the HBO Max series outside of SNL for the past year. that damn michael cheJoe is coming back for a second season, and a Netflix comedy special Michael Che: Shame the Devil.