Sona Mohapatra Received Sh*t In Dabbas For Calling Out Salman Khan’s R*pe Comment, Photos Were Also Morphed Onto P*rn Sites

Sona Mohapatra Gets Sh*t in Dabba for Calling Salman Khan’s R*pe Comment (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Singer Sona Mohapatra often makes headlines for calling a spade a spade. The singer never shies away from expressing her opinion and speaking out about matters that take social media by storm. During the Me Too wave, Sona without hesitation twice called the hunter. But social media negativity and constant trolling often comes to the actress. Recently, the actress talked about the time when she went through hateful trolling for Salman Khan’s wrong comments.

In 2016, Salman Khan became the talk of the town when he made an ‘r*pe’ comment after being asked about the gruesome shoot for Sultan. While the Dabangg actor remained silent, his father and filmmaker Salim Khan apologized on his behalf.

Recalling that time, Sona Mohapatra told ETimes, “I went through some of the most horrific trolling, including death threats and literally filth being delivered to my studio in dabbas (lunch boxes), because I called Salman Khan for his Had called for misunderstandings and statements. My statement had gone viral. It was a two-month long process in which the Minister of Women and Child Welfare had to say that she was launching a hashtag ‘I am trolling’ to better protect women and children, as Sona Mohapatra was receiving dangerous threats. Huh.

Well, it wasn’t over for the singer, she revealed that her pictures were turned up on p*rn sites. Sona Mohapatra Further revealed, “I was being morphed on p*orn sites and threatened with gang r*pe every day. it was horrible. And then we realized that it was a cohesive digital army that wasn’t necessarily made up of just fans. This further intimidated women from being online. It was pre-planned. There were a lot of paid bots that were in play throughout this. I decided to pursue it and it was terrible for my family. ,

“It was exhausting, and someday Ram (Sampath, the composer and her husband) would be back in the studio and I would be crying on my couch. You will see a lot of swollen looks in my documentary, Shut Up Sona, because dealing with constant trolling and constant negativity was not easy. It’s not something I definitely enjoy. But it is still worth passing on, as it slowly turns the conversation around, ”said Sona Mohapatra.

Talking about the work front, Salman Khan is busy shooting for the film these days. sometimes eid sometimes diwali With Pooja Hegde. Singer Sona Mohapatra’s documentary Shut Up Sona was released on World Music Day.

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